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Tree Pruning & Maintenance

Pruning is the best way to improve your tree structure and appearance. If you go into any natural area you will find fallen trees, as well as trees with large dead limbs and other defects. It is very natural for trees to get old and fall apart. It is the arborist job to understand the tree life cycle in order to tame this wild tree in our urban landscapes. When pruning your tree, the arborist will identify tree defects, remove dead branches, and reduce or remove poorly attached branches to make your yard both safe and beautiful.

Young tree pruning is perhaps the best way to save money and ensure healthy tree growth. The trained arborist can evaluate a small tree understanding how it will grow over time. Removing the poorly attached branches while the tree is young will keep those branches from later growing larger in places you do not want, like over your home, where removal will be more technical and costly. Removing these branches early in the growth process is also healthier for the tree because it will not produce the larger pruning wounds that increase the risk of decay and loss of canopy.

Tree Removals & Stump Grinding

Sadly, trees do not live forever. Whether a tree dies or reaches the point in it’s life cycle where it can no longer be left in the landscape due to decay, it will have to be removed. Tree removals can be very technical and require specialized training and equipment.

A stump grinder is a large machine with a rotating wheel that chips away at the
stump until only grindings remain. The grindings can then be hauled off or spread as mulch.

Tree Planting

A Certified Arborist can help you find the right tree for your yard. They will be able to determine what varieties will do best in your area and select the best trees from the nursery. Most improperly planted trees fail within five to ten years. That is a lot of water and fertilization to waste. Certified Arborists will insure your new tree gets off to a great start.

Air Spade

The air spade allows arborists to take a look at the structural roots, loosen compacted soil and incorporate compost and other soil amendments for your tree’s health.

How it works: The air spade connects to a large compressor and blows the soil safely away from the roots so that the arborist can examine the roots for decay. A large majority of the tree roots are in the top twenty four inches of soil so using a shovel may damage the roots leading to root system decay and tree destabilization.


In nature, trees drop their leaves, twigs and other debris onto the soil where it decomposes into useable nutrients for the tree. It also helps with erosion and moisture control. In a suburban environment we often blow away or rake up all the leaves and tree litter leaving nothing to decompose for the tree. Mulch is made up of tree trunk branch chippings and leaves. If you do not like the way it looks, but want the health benefits for your tree, you can put down a two to three inch layer of the mulch and then a inch layer of decorative colored bark.

Cat Rescue

We love our cats. If your family cat gets stuck in a tree we will gladly come to the rescue.

Emergency Response

Inevitability, every year there are severe storms that roll through the area knocking tree limbs and whole trees over. During these storms we implement our specially trained rapid response team to respond to any situation in a timely manner.

Consulting/Arborist Report

Our ISA Certified Arborists are available for consultation regarding:

  • Consulting for proper tree care
  • Diseased and stressed trees
  • Tree preservation prior to construction of structures and pools
  • Report for developers, homeowners, and business activities and/or status reports