Tree Climbing

Large tree climbing demonstration.

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Pruning Neighbors’ Trees

Is it ok tree prune my neighbor’s tree back to the fence line?

This is a question we get a lot here at Diamond Arborist Service. In general, you can prune the portion that is over your property as long as it does not damage the neighbor’s tree. So the answer to this question really depends on how much of the tree is hanging over into your yard. If the tree is right on the property line and fifty percent of the tree is hanging over into your property you will not be able to prune it back to the property line without damaging the tree. You still can do some pruning on the tree to reduce weight on the limbs so they don’t break onto your property. This will also help reduce the some of the mess the tree makes in your yard. Now let’s say that only ten to twenty percent of the neighbor’s tree is hanging over into your yard, you may be able to have the tree pruned back so that it is not over your property at all.

Before you do any pruning you should.

  1. Talk with your neighbor about the situation and they may go ahead have the trees trimmed now that they are aware of the problem.
  2. Check with your city because they may have a specific ordnance dealing with tree growing into to your yard.
  3. Contact an Arborist service contractor to have them evaluate how much can be pruned without damaging the tree.
  4. The company you choose should have an Arborist on site during the pruning to make sure it is done properly. If the tree is becomes damaged during the work, you as well as the property owner could be held liable.
  5. One last tip, if you think your neighbor’s tree is dangerous you should have a Certified Arborist come and complete a report for you so you can inform your neighbor.   If the tree falls onto your property, your neighbor will have sole financial responsibility for the damage caused because they were formally made aware that the tree was a safety hazard.
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How to Plant a Tree

View our newest video blog on YouTube! How to Plant a Tree

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